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:: Participation is not limited to IIMs and participation is open to the entire management research community in India and rest of the world.::


Scholarly publishing in top English language journals (on 5th November)

Prof. Will Mitchell
Duke University and co-editor of the Strategic Management Journal

The presentation will cover the following points:

1. What do journals want to publish?
2. Writing a successful manuscript
3.Publication Ethics

In his presentation, Professor Mitchell will provide insights into the publishing process and how to think about which journals are the most appropriate for your research.

Sloppy Research versus Disinterest in Indian Data as a Difficulty Factor in International Publications (on 5th November)

Prof. Ramadhar Singh
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

This workshop describes the current status of international publications from business schools and universities of India. Given bleak statistics on publications, the productivity of 552 faculty members from 28 institutions in India until 2013 appears to be near zero. There can be two hypotheses about such a dismal record. One is that international journals are disinterested in research carried out in India. Another is that the research done here (vis-à-vis selection of issues, research methods, and analytic techniques, and quality of exposition) is sloppy. Quantitative analysis of publications by some Indian scholars and a descriptive case study of the publications by the speaker himself suggested rejection of the first hypothesis and merit in the second one. Suggestions for improving research quality in India and hence improving international publication records of Indian scholars are offered.

Visualizing data for Research (on 7th November)

Prof. Karthik D.
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

The session covers importance of visualization for generating, validating and testing hypotheses for research. Emphasis will be on how visualization can complement existing research methods. Participants will gain exposure to the need for visualizing data and paradoxes in research that can be tamed using data visualization.

Developing and Validating Multi Item Instruments for research (on 7th November)

Prof. Anandakuttan B. Unnithan
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

Many constructs used in management research are indirectly measured using self report instruments. The validity of conclusions drawn from research is determined by how well such instruments are a true and stable measure of the constructs under investigation. This workshop will focus on how to develop reliable and valid measurement instruments as well as on some common problems researchers encounter when they use multi-item measures..

Theme: Globalizing Indian Thought

The main theme of the conference is Globalizing Indian Thought. This encompasses the influencing of international perspectives through insights found in Indian realities as well as enhancing Indian thought leadership through engagement with international best practices. Such a two-way exchange of ideas between Indian and international researchers will take the theme of the first conference (Emerging Issues in Indian Management) to its logical next level.

Important dates

Submission deadline (full papers)
31st May 2014

Paper acceptance communication
30th August 2014

Conference Dates
November 5 - 8, 2014